More and more people are suffering from and during the current food crisis as our situation with climate change worsens. Homelessness is on the rise and the amount of people turning to food banks is increasing. This is a direct result of global warming and climate change, and the UN estimated the food shortage crisis has worsened by over 20% in recent years.

Are there homeless people or families suffering from shortage of food in your area? Here are some things you can do to help.

Donate to Food Banks

Check online or at your local community centre for food banks where you can donate cans of food. When you do a food shop, just pick up an extra few items – which will likely equate to less than $10 – and drop them off at your local food bank. This can help people who are low on food.

Shop Locally

Large corporations are often less than innocent when it comes to emissions and waste, plus your food is likely travelling further to get to you. Shop at local markets for your produce if you can. Many markets often give unsellable produce away for free to people who cannot afford it.


Does your area have a soup kitchen or homeless shelter? These places often need volunteers to do very basic work like organising and giving out food, or simply chatting to people. A little goes a long way and you can often meet a network of great people there too, and learn what more you can do.

Write to MPs

If homelessness and the welfare system in your area are bad, write to your local MP to express your concern, and encourage others too. This will highlight a problem that cannot be ignored if enough people are concerned. Your MP then has the power to consider changes in the welfare system and fight inequality.