It’s common knowledge that human consumption is affecting the planet, using up far too many of its resources necessary for sustaining us for much longer. Reducing your carbon footprint can ease this stress on the planet and also influence and encourage others to do the same. There are lots of easy lifestyle changes you can put into effect, many of which will even save you money, keep you healthy, and get you living more mindfully.

Eat Less Meat

The production and maintenance of livestock is a huge suck on the earth’s resources. Cattle used for meat, for example, roam on large expanses of land and take a lot of feeding. Cutting out beef is a massive step in reducing this waste. You could also become pescetarian (only fish consumption) or vegetarian, or even vegan. If that’s a too big step to take, become a “flexitarian,” where you purposely eat less meat, and the meat you consume is organic and humanely produced.


An obvious but a big one! Make sure you separate according to paper, glass, plastic, etc. and clean everything of food before you put it in the recycling.

Fly Less

Planes use massive amounts of fuel and contribute a lot to carbon footprint. Take one plane instead of two, or take the train or bus if possible.

Drive Less

Avoid driving unnecessarily, especially if the distance is walkable. Take public transport as much as you can.


You can recycle clothes, household items, as well as waste. Find a clothing swap or make your own and see if you can upcycle that old table into something else instead of throwing it away.

Shop Locally

The further away your food comes from, the longer it has to travel. Check out your local market to buy produce direct from the earth. No chemicals and no transport also mean it’s fresher and tastier.