Homelessness is a major issue but can often be a touchy subject. Many people would have you believe that people either want to be homeless, or get there through their own fault. In fact, there are many reasons people find themselves in such a situation, and some may surprise you.


If you lost your job, what would you do? A significant amount of people in employment have little to no savings, meaning if they lost their job, they would have very few options available. Many people who lose their job suddenly find themselves in this position, and can end up homeless in a very short amount of time.

Mental Illness

People with mental illnesses may be unable to work. Mental illness and depression are very serious but often not treated properly, and can be another failing of the welfare system. This can leave people in vulnerable positions with no financial stability.

Welfare System

There are so many loopholes and downfalls of the welfare system, that often people get lost in its failings. Through no fault of their own, people can become victims of the system, where they are forgotten about, left out, don’t qualify, or the amount they receive is barely enough to live on. Many people give up due to all the red tape and barriers.


The housing situation is becoming ridiculous. While rents go up and up, it’s harder and harder for people to get a step on the property ladder. Not only can they not save any money to buy a house, but if the rent or cost of living goes up, people can often find themselves in debt and unable to pay anything back.


Victims of domestic abuse, whether physical or emotional, have no other choice than to leave for the sake of their life and sometimes their children’s lives. If they were previously dependent on that partner, this can mean they have no financial stability.